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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Skydivers - VHS

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Tom Servo puts on a planetarium show, but Crow ruins it with jokes about Uranus. Continuing the theme of adolescent behavior, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank challenge Mike and the 'bots to a swing choir contest. Guess which side cheats? Next, the villains of Deep 13 force Mike and company to watch the educational short film Why Study Industrial Arts? which uses wooden young actors to answer the title question in the most tedious and unpersuasive manner possible. The feature film is The Skydivers, a Coleman Francis opus with a barely detectable plot about adultery, sabotage and long-delayed coffee drinking at a skydiving establishment. The trio suffers through bad continuity, incompetent editing, endless shots of falling skydivers, unappetizing louts in close ups, and the leading lady's helmet-like hairdo. Meanwhile, Crow discovers what a double jock-lock is, cuts himself in half and finds his car at the mercy of Tom Servo's fighter plane.