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Beck is on her way to college, thrilled at the possibilities of the next exciting chapter, barely holding it in as she clutches her childhood favorite toy in the family car with her loving dad behind the wheel. And that's where Beck's shared experience with the rest of her freshman class abruptly ends and the tangled mysteries of her astonishing life start to unravel. Homeschooled and raised in isolation by the jumpy, over-protective Gill, Beck isn't allowed online or out of the house alone. Even a quick pit stop on their quiet family road trip takes some negotiation before they finally pull into a remote gas station, where their cautiously stable peace is jolted by gunfire. Beck emerges from the restroom to find her father gone and a dead body on the floor. Beck is in the world now, and she's beyond not ready for it.

A taut suspense thriller that challenges our perceptions of family and identity, MINUS is a coming-of-age tale where a teen's new discoveries might be best kept in the shadows.


Lisa Naffziger is a comic artist, children's book illustrator, and dinosaur enthusiast from Lansing, MI. A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Lisa is the creator of the webcomic Petrichor. She also illustrated the graphic novel Life's Questions Answered, written by Allan Gross and Gary Smith, and the children's books Ozzie, the Courageous Otter and Riley, The Albino Rhino by Michelle Voss. MINUS is her debut graphic novel.