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Making Friends in the Afterworld

Life's tough for little Amnio. His parents are the reason why all the creatures called "humans" disappeared before he was born, and now everybody left in the Afterworld is afraid of him! How's a kid supposed to find any friends around here? "Making Friends in the Afterworld" contains three short, fully-illustrated tales of gas-masked kid Amnio's search for companionship in the seemingly gloomy Afterworld. Along the way, he'll meet an unlucky headless chicken named Nugget, several former imaginary friends, and Mr. Pudge, a dog so loyal that even radiation poisoning can't keep him down for long. Best summarized as "like 'Dick and Jane' after the apocalypse," this title has a heart of gold within its dark-humor exterior, and is perfect for kids (and grown-ups!) who prefer some 'creepy' mixed in with their 'cute.'