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Heroic Goods and Games Best of 2020

Heroic Goods and Games Best of 2020

After deep consultation, we present the Best Items of the Year! Thank you for all voting in our Customer's Choice Poll as well!

Best Video Game of All Time

We aren't choosing one, there's too many good ones!

Customer Choice - Super Mario 3 - NES - a very worth choice, it's a great game! Tetris for Game Boy was a close second place.

Best Limited Run Game of the Year
Double Switch 25th Anniversary - Switch and PS4

This came in to the store at the beginning of 2020, an HD remaster of a Sega CD Game starring Corey Haim and Debbie Harry.  The love that Limited Run put in to finding the original video tapes and reprocessing them in HD is just one of the reasons we love this company.

Customer Choice - Streets of Rage 4 - With a 16 year gap since part 3 was released, the long awaited Genesis sequel was in good hands with a physical release from Limited Run!


Cooperative Game of the Year

The Crew - The Quest for Planet Nine

Our spoiler free review - it’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s $14.99.

Customer Choice - The Crew - The Quest for Planet Nine - If you don’t believe us, believe your friends!


Family Game of the Year

Zombie Teens Evolution

The standalone sequel to one of our family’s favorite games did not disappoint.  It’s challenging, you work together, and as you progress, you open up envelopes and get power ups for your characters, as well as stronger zombies! If you own Zombie Kidz, you can combine the two games for custom Zombie fun!
Customer Choice

Dungeon Mayhem - Monster Madness

This game came out in February 2020, which feels like a few years ago! This pack supports six players, and can mix with the previous versions.  We’ve had some great times playing over webcam with our friends and family who also own a copy.


Non-Sports Trading Card of All-Time

Sorry friends, we love them all, we cannot choose a single set.

Customer Choice - American Gladiators - Topps, 1990

What a close vote, American Gladiators beat out both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie, and Marvel Masterpieces 1992 by one vote!  We’ll work on making some run-off voting for these categories next year.


YA Graphic Novel of the Year

The Magic Fish, by Trung Le Nguyen

This book is fantastic.  A story about coming out to your parents with an added layer of a language barrier. Writing a description does a disservice because the book was so much more. Trust us, this book is great, and Trung Le Nguyen lives in Minneapolis too, something we learned after we had the book in store!

 Customer Choice - Catstronauts - Digital Disaster, by Drew Brockington - The 6th Catstronauts book did not disappoint!


Graphic Novel of the Year

Catstronauts - Digital Disaster, by Drew Brockington

The Catstronauts books have been a hit throughout the store and in our house, this was an easy choice for us.  Thanks for making another great book Drew!

Runner-Up - Superman Smashes the Klan, by by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru - this book was the runner up in both book categories this year, and both customer choices. It’s based in the early days of Superman, as he faces the Ku Klux Klan. 

Customer Choice - Catstronauts - Digital Disaster, by Drew Brockington - once again, you can trust your peers if you don’t trust us!

Board Game of the Year

Fort, by Leder Games

Fort was such a fun surprise this year - a fresh feeling deck building game with awesome art and simple but deep rules.  For a year like 2020, a game like Fort was the perfect fit, we’re excited to play it with more people when the possible.  We love it!


Runner-up - Splendor Marvel - Splendor has been one of our favorites games since it was released six years ago, so we were a little nervous about a licensed remake.  There was nothing to worry about, and Splendor Marvel has been one of our family’s most played games of the year.  The minor rule changes are subtle and smooth, and the theme fits really well, along with some awesome Marvel artwork and characters involved!


Customer Choice - Dungeon Mayhem - Monster Madness - We cannot say enough great things about Dungeon Mayhem.  With the newest expansion, adding six more character decks to the mix was so great.  Making the box large enough to hold and organize the previous expansions was a great touch too!